Easter in a Moroccan Villa

Easter in a Moroccan Villa

Dates: 13th – 17th April, 2017

Bottles of Moroccan Sahara Rosé consumed: 42. Move over, Provence, weve got a new favourite rosé region

Meals eaten: 11 One in a local Berbers home, one in the middle of the desert, naturally.

Camels ridden: 1 In evening attire, no less

Shishas smoked: 4 It would be rude not to

Belly dancers challenged to a dance off: We’ll never tell…

Average temperature: A dry, desert heat of 30C. With a sun strong enough to give the perfect tan (and burn for those who neglected to apply their G&T SPF)

Late May Bank Holiday in Mykonos Paradise

Late May Bank Holiday in Mykonos Paradise

Dates: 26th-29th May 2017

Bottles of Ouzo consumed: 3. When in Rome...

Meals eaten: 9 We grew so accustomed to fresh seafood and private chef-prepared meals, our UberEats dinners back at home were nothing short of depressing

Mykonos Town walking tours booked: 1 

Mykonos Town walking tours completed: 0 Unfortunately a brief spell of inclement weather prevented us from completing this tour but there is always next time...

Tennis matches played on our private courts: 6.5 

Average temperature: 23C. Perfect weather for sunbathing, relaxing on a catamaran to enjoy a sunset and go for a midnight swim. 

Most played song: “I Follow Rivers – Magician Remix” by Lykke Li Deep sea, baby

New Year's in an Icelandic Lodge

New Year's in an Icelandic Lodge

Dates: 30th December 2016 – 2nd January 2017

Bottles of Reykjavik vodka consumed: 1. The perfect ingredient for a tasty NYE cocktail.

Meals eaten: 7 (complete with Icelandic smoked salmon, of course!)

Northern Lights sightings: 1. On New Year’s Eve. Pinch us!

Icy slips and sore bottoms: We’d prefer not to say.

Average temperature: -3 degrees. (Perfect weather for snowy spas and sauna sessions)

Most played game: “I’m having a party, and I’m bringing…”

Crayfish Party in a Swedish Lake House

Crayfish Party in a Swedish Lake House

Dates: 26th-29th August 2016

Bottles of Aquavit Consumed: 6

Meals eaten: 10 (the Moose was particularly notable)

Hikes enjoyed: 1

Crayfish consumed: Countless

Average temperature: 17 degrees. From glorious sunshine to pouring rain and everything in between.

Tumbles down the barn ramp: Undisclosed.

Most played song: #FreeTitties – Emmalyn Estrada

Sailing in Sardinia

Sailing in Sardinia

Dates: 16-23 July 2016

Bottles of Sardinian wine consumed: 167 (White of course- no red wine on board, if you please! It stains the deck.)

Meals enjoyed: 21 (not including gelati runs)

Ports explored: 5

Inflatables popped: 1. The doughnut did-nut make it to its last day.

Average temperature: 28 degrees and sunny with some strong winds for sailing.

Revellers overboard: 25

Most played song: Can't Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake

Easter in a French Castle

Easter in a French Castle

Dates: 24-28 March 2016

Magnums of Provence rosé consumed: 9

Champagne walks taken: 3

Meals enjoyed: 11, including 10 in the ornate salon des miroirs, and one particularly picturesque lunch al fresco

Turrets explored: 14

Easter eggs hunted: 124

Average temperature: 15C, perfect for Champagne walks and horse riding.

Falls taken into the pond: 1 (aerial video coming soon)

Most played song: Work by Rihanna (lyrics unknown but still sung along to: countless)

Weekend in Tuscany

Dates: 22-25 May 2015

Romances borne: 2

Bottles of wine consumed: 58 local Tuscan reds

Bottles of Prosecco consumed: Not as many as sabred/ showered

Recovery hikes completed: 1 and a half

Meals enjoyed: 7 including 1 dinner overlooking the rolling Tuscan hills

Average temperature: A chilly 19C, lucky for us the villa had 10 living and dining areas (and spectacular dancefloor) before the temperature soared, and we basked under the Tuscan sun

Most played song: Cheerleader by Omi (playcount: 31)