Late May Bank Holiday in Mykonos Paradise

Dates: 26th-29th May 2017

Bottles of Ouzo consumed: 3. When in Rome...

Meals eaten: 9 We grew so accustomed to fresh seafood and private chef-prepared meals, our UberEats dinners back at home were nothing short of depressing

Mykonos Town walking tours booked: 1 

Mykonos Town walking tours completed: 0 Unfortunately a brief spell of inclement weather prevented us from completing this tour but there is always next time...

Tennis matches played on our private courts: 6.5 

Average temperature: 23C. Perfect weather for sunbathing, relaxing on a catamaran to enjoy a sunset and go for a midnight swim. 

Most played song: “I Follow Rivers – Magician Remix” by Lykke Li Deep sea, baby


After being collected at Mykonos airport, our revellers had a 15-minute drive to the luxurious villa. Our guests loved the spectacular views of spectacular views of the azure Aegean Sea and picturesque Mykonos town from our home for the weekend. Welcome to paradise! Tess and I welcomed our guests with G&T's and Greek hors doeuvres as we explained the itinerary for the next few days.

Guests were shown to their palatial bedrooms where they quickly slipped into bathing suits and went for a refreshing swim in the villa’s infinity pool. 




Our Myths and Legends of Greece party got started on the upper level (where the Victoria’s Secret Angels were partying this time last year, NBD) where our revellers gathered in togas for our first evening together. Zac, the bartender (so cute we gave him his own hashtag #zacthebartender) served us Ouzo-ccentric Pandora’s Box cocktails and champagne. The Mykonian sunsets are breathtakingly beautiful: we gazed at our first sunset as we enjoyed a traditional Greek dinner prepared by Kris, our chef – al fresco, of course.

As DJ for the evening, I played LCD Soundsystem to get the party going. Our evening of dancing wound down with a moonlight swim in the pool.

iceland lodge winter


Strong coffee and a generous breakfast spread awaited us next morning in the dining room. Unfortunately, a torrential downpour at the beginning of our private Mykonos town tour caused us to cancel the tour and return to the villa for dry clothes and a cold Mythos beer.

Thankfully the rain cleared in time for lunch: we were off to meet our captain for our private boat tour around the Cyclades. We sailed off into the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea sunbathing and chatting about our trip. Diving into brisk water, we snorkeled and swam around the beautiful neighbouring islands of Rhenia and Delos. 

Later, an 8-course, seafood lunch/dinner was prepared by our chef in our presence and served on deck. With the sun slowly sinking into the sea, our skipper turned our catamarans back towards Mykonos. While the wind blew our hair, we drank the local wine and danced on deck to the strains of music.

gullfoss waterfall iceland golden circle

Eager to check out Mykonos’s infamous nightlife, we wandered along narrow streets to get to Little Venice – where the many nightclubs and restaurants lining the water jut out over the sea’s edge. We’d been recommended to go to Scarpa, which did not disappoint...


We started the day with a swim and then headed to Scorpios for lunch and Mykonos’s best day party. Situated on the beach, beautifully designed and filed with handsome attentive waiters, we fell in love with Scorpios before lunch was even served.. After sipping rosé and sharing an incredible seafood lunch, we moved to a table by the DJ booth set up outside, where we spent the rest of the afternoon sipping Veuve and dancing on tables as the sun set into the Aegan waters.

Leaving Scorpios 12 hours after our arrival, half of our group retired for the evening while the other half decided it was a much better idea to take their last chance at catching the Mykonos sunrise...


The group who stayed up to watch the sunrise from the upper deck of our villa? They didn’t make it to our scheduled cooking class the next morning (totally worth it, according to them). While we were regretful to have ditched our Greek “yia-yia’’s cooking class, we were thankful to have chosen the villa life and to be able to spend the day recovering, not cooking. 

We traded stories, phone numbers and laughs from the weekend over our last lunch together, and packed up to go back home. 

Yamas, Mykonos, you were incredible!!

All photographs by Freya McOmish of Scandinavia Standard