Sailing in Sardinia


Dates: 16-23 July 2016

Bottles of Sardinian wine consumed: 167 (White of course- no red wine on board, if you please! It stains the deck.)

Meals enjoyed: 21 (not including gelati runs)

Ports explored: 5

Inflatables popped: 1. The doughnut did-nut make it to its last day.

Average temperature: 28 degrees and sunny with some strong winds for sailing.

Revellers overboard: 25

Most played song: Can't Stop the Feeling- Justin Timberlake


After being picked up from Olbia airport on Saturday afternoon, our guests arrived at Portisco Marina. Aperol Spritzes were waiting upon arrival (naturally) and we began introductions before going through the itinerary for the week ahead. Wine, nibbles and conversation flowed in equal measure while G and T put the final touches on our ‘homes’ for the week.

Guests boarded their vessels to find them fully stocked with enough beer, wine and tasty treats to sink a proverbial ship, but thankfully, not an actual boat. Each reveller received their very own gift pack including G&T sunblock, earplugs and some Phizz (for those struggling to find their sea-legs after a night of partying).

We then enjoyed a four course, al fresco meal in Portisco Marina before returning to the catamaran to drink cocktails into the wee hours.


We awoke to enjoy a lovely breakfast prepared by our on-board hostess, Jess. Breakfast was served (and relished) on the catamaran each morning of our adventure. One unlucky reveller’s flight had been cancelled the day before, but she arrived in the marina bright and early, greeted by a nightie-clad G (hey, it was early) bearing a champagne welcome.

Then it was time to set sail! We spent the day sailing and swimming, before dropping anchor for the evening in breathtaking Cala Di Volpe.

We watched a glorious sunset from the bar of Cala di Volpe Hotel, while being entertained by a piano player and waited on by handsome servers in white ties. Fabulous, darling. The stunning hotel, designed by Jacques Couelles, is renowned for its historical, romantic beauty. It did not disappoint. Guests enjoyed cocktails before heading to a sensational seafood dinner.

Then the real party started. Bottles of bubbles and table-top dancing took us well into the night. The hotel staff were serenaded by the G&T revellers as we sped off in our dinghy, back to the boats. Some stayed up to watch the sunrise while others ended their night (or began their morning) with a rope swing. 


In the morning we set off for La Maddalena, where we found the most incredible beach to drop anchor near. Our guests spent their morning surrounded by glamorous super-yachts (including the world’s largest privately owned yacht), relaxing in the crystal clear waters. Our photographer Patrick Williamson took the chance to scale the mast and capture the incredible surrounds.

We ate our lunch, prepared by Jess, on board the catamaran. However, frivolities were cut short when the polizia came to tell us we couldn’t stay in this particular cove. But thankfully they let us finish our meal before moving on. Ah, la vita Italiana.

We docked in La Maddalena and took a stroll around the charming old town before a beautiful terrace dinner. On our way back to the docks we were treated to a classical music concert in the town square.

Then- a change of pace. It was time to learn the ancient (and slightly dangerous) art of sabring. Our revellers will never be content with simply popping a champagne cork again.


After a quiet morning we enjoyed lunch in town, where some guests rented scooters to make the most of their time for exploring. Others chose to explore La Maddalena off-shore, snorkelling and diving around La Maddalena Archipelago with the team at Area 11. We saw beautiful coral and made friends with the fish. Of course, the dive staff had beers waiting for us when we surfaced.

Later that evening we headed into town for dinner. But more importantly- dessert. Even the ice-cream aficionados within the group claimed it was the best gelato they had ever eaten.


Corsica, baby. The sail through the Straits of Bonifacio was truly breathtaking. Memories our revellers will take with them for a very long time. We anchored and had a quick dip before hiking up Phare de Pertusato to take in the incredible views. Liquid refreshments were imbibed, of course.

We then took some more time to wander around the super chic and charming Bonifacio. We stumbled across the most perfect beach and enjoyed the warm sand and clear waters.

We enjoyed dinner at a lovely waterfront restaurant before heading mere metres away to a nightclub, where we sang and danced out hearts out. The party continued back on the catamaran. Many more drinks were consumed. The dance moves got wilder and our voices got louder. A brilliant night had by all. The last revellers standing went to bed with the sun at about 6am.


No doubt the Phizz in our G&T Revellers Revival Packs came in handy today. We took things slowly, sailing to Porto Massimo, stopping for a swim (and a swing) along the way. T cooked an incredible dinner on board, enjoyed by all.


Return to Portisco. We spent the day swimming and soaking up the sun in the waters of the Emerald Coast before reluctantly deflating our floaties. The end is nigh!

The last activity for the trip was a sensational wine tasting on board the catamaran. The lovely Anna Maria from Sardegna Bella e Buona talked us through the four different varieties while we enjoyed some Sardinian nibbles, specifically chosen to best complement each wine.

The Last Supper was at another waterfront stunner. We returned to the boats for a final night of drinks with our new best friends.


Picked up by transfer to go to the airport at 7AM. Ciao!

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