Weekend in Tuscany

Dates: 22-25 May 2015

Romances borne: 2

Bottles of wine consumed: 58 local Tuscan reds

Bottles of Prosecco consumed: Not as many as sabred/ showered

Recovery hikes completed: 1 and a half

Meals enjoyed: 7 including 1 dinner overlooking the rolling Tuscan hills

Average temperature: A chilly 19C, lucky for us the villa had 10 living and dining areas (and spectacular dancefloor) before the temperature soared, and we basked under the Tuscan sun

Most played song: Cheerleader by Omi (playcount: 31)


We started the weekend at Bologna airport Friday night, meeting in the Arrivals hall then sharing a big bus through the rolling Tuscan countryside out to our destination.

We arrived and ran around the huge expanse of our villa in awe (the photos hadn’t done it justice). A 17th century Italian palace, the villa had been recently restored and had some pretty serious antiques (including the signed Italian Constitution!!), high ceilings, and dreamy interiors. I felt like I was taking a tour of the Italian Royal quarters… and it was all ours to enjoy!

Welcome cocktails accompanied a quick run-down of the weekend, and soon introductions were made on a makeshift dancefloor in the kitchen. Several bottles of Chianti later, we fell asleep with smiles on our faces while 35 revellers partied until the wee hours throughout the villa.



We had a hard time pulling ourselves from our luxurious bedroom the next morning, but made it down to breakfast to laugh at last night's antics. One game of tennis and a quick shower later, we rushed our vineyard-planned lunch indoors to avoid the downpour of rain that had started. Our personal chef, Duccio, had prepared quite the spread for us and we drowned our weather-induced sorrows in wine and Tuscan fare.

Scheduling a wine-tasting after a 3 hour-long, boozy lunch is a mistake I won't make again, but MAN, was learning all about Chianti Classico fun! We just had to stroll around to the villa's wine cellars to sample wines from the region and arm ourselves with knowledge to hold our own with wine lists. We got to check out where the wine was made and stored.

The music was blasting back in the banquet hall, and no time was wasted cutting shapes on the dancefloor, stopping only briefly to eat the Neapolitan pizza Duccio had made for us. The bartender kept the Negronis flowing until an impromptu sabreing lesson started on the lawn.



The next morning a real Italian Nonna gave us a cooking lesson, and we made pasta from scratch to impress our future Tinder dates with.

The sun came out, and we could finally enjoy our meal (and a few bottles of wine) out on the lawn.

After lunch, a spirited game of flip cup got our blood flowing, followed by getting comfortable poolside. 

A few of us grabbed a bottle of Reserva and went for a walk through the gorgeous vineyards that surrounded the villa. A few hopped fences and one scraped leg later, we enjoyed the views.

Cocktails were set for us with a stunning view of the sunset over the hills of Chianti. Our "The Godfather" theme was taken very seriously by our guests - but I think Luke won costume of the night, don't you?

Dinner was, once again divine, and we enjoyed a few (on theme, of course) cigars before the music started to really roar and we danced all night on the steps on the villa.


Our last morning, we all shook off the cobwebs and showed up to breakfast in sunglasses for one last recovery meal together. We apologised to the owner of the villa, who had received a noise complaint from the village 10km away (we don't think she minded too much as she was the one turning up the bass) before jumping on the bus back to Bologna. With leftover bottles of champagne, we laughed all the way to the airport, but lamenting work the next day. After getting the gossip for the weekend, we floated a few ideas for the next G&T trip... stay tuned!

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