The Reveller Club is our equivalent of a VIP list, and you're automatically in the club, on the list, if you've ever been on a trip with us!

We like to think of each of the trips we've done over the past couple of years as its own unique moment in time, with its own unique participants making the trip special, surprising, funny, weird in their own way.

From one of our revellers falling in the stately fountain at our gigantic Castle in France, to the myriad secret and not-so-secret romances sparked on our trips, to incredible moments with incredible views, to LOLs and private jokes shared only between the crew on your trip, this all creates an unshakable, lifelong bond that we want to help you guys keep!

So we wanted to find a way to help you all stay in touch with each other (and with us of course, cos' we miss you) and to reward you for being loyal G&T revellers who make our trips what they are. So, The Reveller Club was born.



What you get in the club:

Travel advice from G&T + other revellers in our Private Facebook Community
Gillian + Tess love to travel and have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.
Whether it's finding the best restaurants in Paris or the best pintxos bars in San Sebastian, G&T will give you all the travel advice you need, answering any of your questions personally in our new private community on FB. Plus our likeminded, global G&T revellers will also be able to share their tips and local hotspots on here too, we can all chat!

Plus we're going to use this community as a way to help you all keep in touch with your friends from trips, you can organise drinks/brunch catch ups with people from your trip on here easily. 


Free ticket to all of our London House Parties
We'll be hosting these house parties for two hundred or so of your/our new friends in London throughout the year and all members of The Reveller Club get one free ticket for each party (usually around £20) when they bring a paying friend.
The next London House Party is on Sat 11 Nov 2017 in London!


Exclusive discounts, freebies and referral benefits
We're working on getting you exclusive discounts and freebies with brands we partner with and on giving you a lil somethin' somethin' to say thank you for being a part of our crew. Plus when you bring a friend with you on a trip or refer someone to us, we'll give you even more goodies!

Come on a G&T Weekend with us and you're automatically in The Reveller Club, past and future revellers!