R E V E L L E R S   L O V E   G & T

Our guests are big fans of G&T Weekends. But don't take our word for it...


"Gillian and Tess are the best hosts you could ask for..."

I’ve been on several G&T Weekends getaways, and have been thoroughly blown away each time. Gillian and Tess are the best hosts you could ask for; they have your entire holiday perfectly planned out for you and do their best to make sure you make the most of it. The accommodation the girls organise is always nothing short of amazing – whether it’s a country manor, a castle in France or a yacht sailing around the Sardinian coast.

Better still, you’ll never go hungry or thirsty on a G&T weekend, as the price of admission always covers more than enough food and drink (the latter never seeming to run dry!). But in the end, it’s the people you meet on a G&T Weekend joint that really make the experience, and I’ve made several long-lasting friendships that span the globe thanks to these trips. So believe the hype and become a Reveller!

– Leon Miller

"These adventures will shape me for the rest of my life."

Until you find yourself dancing and singing at top of your lungs with 25 of your newest, I-can't-believe-you-haven't-been-in-my-life-for-decades friends, you haven't been on a G&T adventure. Until you find yourself sleeping under the Mediterranean stars on the roof of a Catamaran, nestled under blankets with 3 new friends who crave the same life-affirming experience, you haven't been on a G&T adventure. Until you learn to sabre champagne on the lawn of a French chateau, you haven't been on a G&T adventure. So why is it you haven't been on a G&T adventure?!?

While there is no doubt that the attention to detail, the gorgeous accommodations, the incredible food, the ever-flowing wine (oh the wine!) makes each G&T weekend luxe and lovely, what underpins the truly extraordinary privilege of being part of a G&T adventure is the spirit of effervescent joy and connection that is embedded in its very core. Gillian and Tess are extraordinary hosts. Through their passion, knowledge and relentless research for each trip, they attract, like moths to a flame, fellow travellers who welcome the new, whether that be friends, culture or experiences.

I've been fortunate enough to now be part of two G&T experiences (France and Sailing Sardinia) and I cannot say enough wonderful things about my adventures. From start to finish you are treated as a cherished guest with the smallest details anticipated. I have experienced moments I never would have otherwise and these trips, these adventures, will shape me for the rest of my life. With every G&T trip I have gladly left a piece of my heart - and much of my voice (temporarily, from singing of course) - behind. I cannot wait to do it again and again and again...and I can't wait to see you there!

Caroline Fletcher
Proud member of classes French Chateau '16 and Sailing Sardinia '16 


From stress to bliss.


This is my first time going on a G&T getaway and it certainly will not be my last. Sailing on crystal clear water, exploring quaint little seaside towns, dining out in authentic Italian style, dancing and sailing out into the Mediterranean overnight to watch the sunrise. These are all memories I will hold for a lifetime.

From one adventure to the next, one thing remained constant, my new friends and I always had a drink in hand and a big smile on our face. When the sun went down the party was just getting underway. Posh nightclubs with top tier bottle service followed by our post-party bash on our luxury catamaran.

I usually settle for a good time, but thanks to Gillian & Tess, I found myself having the best time! Not only was this getaway non-stop fun but I also got to connect with numerous new and interesting worldly people.

So if you're looking to escape the monotony of everyday life, I highly recommend going on a G&T Weekend.

Dustin James. Toronto, Canada. (@justnamedis)