A Reveller Recaps: Morocco

This hilarious account of our G&T Weekend in Morocco by one of our favourite London-based revellers, Leon Miller.

I’m just going to put this out there: G&T Weekends are more than your typical holiday trip – they are a genuinely transformative experience!

Don’t believe me? Well, on the G&T Weekends’ recent outing, Easter in a Moroccan Villa, I became a pigeon, a shellfish, a cowboy, a turkey whisperer, a turtle and a prophet (and probably many more, less flattering things as well…)

My first incredible metamorphosis, into a pigeon (which, in this sense mean “easy mark” not “winged rat”), happened over the course of the entire weekend. 

reveller morocco food

Despite the amazing advice of always-excellent hosts G and T (not to mention the ample street smarts of our local guides), it turns out I have zero survival skills within any environment reliant on bartering or tips – especially where an unfamiliar foreign currency is involved – so from the incredible sights and smells of our Marrakech Souks tour, to the sweaty vibes of Morocco’s two (and only?!) pumping night clubs, I pretty much got taken for everything I was worth (and loved every moment of it).

As to my conversion from man to shellfish, this was the (expected) result of a day spent poolside drinking and bantering with my fellow revellers at our stunning villa, sans one key ingredient: suncream (even though a tube was generously provided in my G&T welcome goodie bag). And so it was that, after several hours under the rays of the Moroccan sun, lobster was served.

pool morocco easter weekend

You might think my next rebirth, as a cowboy, would have required horseback riding and lasso tossing, but it was actually the end product of post-rooftop cocktail party drinking shenanigans. 

An inability to grasp the rules and a flurry of poor ping pong ball bounces confirmed once and for all that I am terrible at virtually every drinking game ever, and I unsurprisingly lost every round, leading my fellow revellers to repeatedly crown me the “Gaucho Man” - South American for “Cowboy” - and may I just say, “Heavy weighs the hangover”.

Hot on the heels of my turn as an honorary Argentinian cowpoke came a vocational shift to turkey whisperer. This took place at the tail end of our hike through the stunning Atlas Mountains, shortly before we sat down for a mouthwatering lunch of tagine prepared and served in the home of a local Berber family.

camel ride morocco
camel ride morocco reveller

It was here that we encountered our feathered friends, and where a few of my fellow revellers and I discovered to our great surprise and enjoyment that we could actually speak their language (it’s also where, based off a few near-death experiences along the trail, that I decided to start a garage band called “Converse Death Slide”, but some things are best left unremarked upon).

In a Hollywood twist, that night I would transition from animal conversationalist to actual animal: a turtle. Following on from yet another delicious meal in our very own oasis backyard, another round of booze-fuelled shenanigans took place, and I shortly found myself bundled into a giant wicker basket, headed for the pool. 

dinner adventure morocco villa

Fortunately, I managed to get my new woven home upturned before we arrived at the H20 (by reminding my over-excited revellers that murder is crime everywhere, including the Kingdom of Morocco), and I slowly made my way back across the lawn, safely nestled in my back-mounted “shell”.

My final transformation, into a white robed and head-dressed prophet, would fittingly arrive on our final night, when our G&T crew retired to the desert for a Moroccan dress-up themed dinner.

As I scrabbled up the rocky desert range slopes (wine glass in hand, natch) to see in the stunning sunset alongside my equally stunning-looking gang of revellers, I cut a somewhat biblical figure (or, at the very least, passed for a very friendly cult leader).

morocco dinner desert

So there you have it – incontrovertible proof of the transformational powers of a G&T Weekends holiday trip. 

Of course, there’s so much more to a trip like this than can really be expressed with mere words – most of all the new friendships made (our group of revellers have already planned our next catch up) – so many thanks to G and T for organising yet another fantastic weekend escape, and I hope to see you all there next time!