T's Top Tips for a Fuss Free Christmas Lunch

Hosting an elegant Christmas get together, either a sit-down lunch or cocktail party, doesn’t have to be stressful. Here are a few tips for hosting a worry-free Christmas gathering.


Keep it simple

Complicated gourmet meals will not always impress your guests - in fact, they could feel slightly intimidated! Simple, wholesome meals prepared with fresh ingredients are always best. Jamie Oliver absolutely winssting at these types of meals. Here are some of my picks for an easy Christmas Menu.


Prepare ahead of time

Make a plan and prepare as much as you can a couple of days before Christmas Day. For example, turkey stuffing can be prepared and frozen up to 6 days or prepared 2 days before Christmas. The preparation of vegetables can be done the day before and on Christmas Eve I like to prepare the desserts. Here are a couple of quick easy day before desserts:


Have plenty of nibbles

I always serve a generous assortment of cheese, meat and fresh fruit for ravenous guests.

A great cheese board that displays that displays colourful fruit and crackers can also double as a table centrepiece. Check out these fancy boards.


cheese board holiday christmas party


Christmas Cocktail

A welcome cocktail on Christmas day is a must! Guests can help themselves to a tray of cocktails while I’m checking on the turkey. The warm spice aroma of cinnamon and orange gently simmering in the mulled wine will add to the festive spirit. I also love the fresh crisp flavour of Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco. Make this up in a big jug and guests will be able to self-serve this as well.

slow cooker mulled wine recipe christmas
limoncello prosecco cocktail recipe christmas

Secret Santa

Yankee swap, White Elephant or Beggars Christmas are all names of a fun gift giving game we play with our families every Christmas. Each guest purchases the most obscure gift they can find, spending around £10/$20, wraps the present in colourful Christmas paper and places it under the Christmas tree. At gift giving time, we all gather together and each person draws a number out of a hat. The person who draws number 1 will pick a present from under the tree and open it.  The person who drew number 2 will either pick/take the opened present (from number 1) or choose another gift from under the tree. The person who drew number 3 will follow the same procedure and the process continues until the last person chooses either to take a present from the now opened presents or the very last present still under the tree. This game is hilarious and a highlight of Christmas Day or any Christmas party.

Epic playlist

Spotify offers a myriad of excellent music choices and cracking party tunes. Great music, delicious food and good friends all help to create a cozy and festive atmosphere. The following are my favourite music playlists: