Ten tips for experiencing Krakow like a local

Stunning Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland so it is full of history. The city is also home to many students so plenty of cool things to see and do if history is not your thing. Here is my guide for the top ten things to do in beautiful Krakow to experience it like a true local.

1. Get your historical fix
Walk through the gorgeous Old Town, shoot through Florians Gate and pop into St Mary's Basilica. The altar at St Mary's is completely hand carved and the largest in Europe. So beautiful.

top 10 things to do in krakow

2. Vodka. Vodka. Vodka.
Vodka tastings are a must and very cheap! We hit up Wodka in old town. But slow down- this vodka is not for shooting. Served in a chilled glass, this is one you want to sip and savour. I must say the raspberry vodka is my favourite. 

3. Experience live music
The Polish love their music so almost every bar has some form of live gig. We hit up Harris Piano, a jazz bar on the main square, for a quick spot of jazz before dinner. 

4. Check out Stary Kleparz
Stary Kleparz is a farmers’ market located at the top of Old Town Krakow. It is one of the oldest in Poland dating back to the 12th century. And a bonus for those who are more night owl than early bird, it is open until mid-afternoon on the weekends. You must try the salty smoked cheese and home-cured sausage. 

5. Head down to the milk bar
Bar Melcznys or milk bars are located all over Krakow. Brilliant local atmosphere with delicious, authentic food, all very cheap. A heads up- you'll be able to read none of the menu, but rest assured it will be lovely. We had a delicious zupy (soup) and pierogi (potato dumplings) [below]. 

top 10 things to do in krakow

6. Dinner at Kogel Mogel for a traditional Polish feast
A lovely restaurant with white linen table cloths, Kogel Mogel is known for its fantastic service and excellent food. The beetroot soup is a must do, and the veal shank was sensational [below].

top 10 things to do in krakow

7. Visit the Jewish district
The Jewish district is very trendy and it's where all those in the know tend to eat out and drink. Like more of us, Polish locals like to enjoy different cuisines from around the world when they go out. Some great spots for something a little different are Zenit Miodowa 19, Pino and Sushi 77. There are also some brilliant bars in the area - Alchemia is most well known for its candle lit ambience. There are plenty of places on Plac Nowy too. This whole area comes alive in the evenings. A must see.

top 10 things to do in krakow

8. End your night with a Zapiekanki at Endzior on Plac Nowy
A local speciality, Zapiekanki is a mix between an open sandwich and pizza. Yes, it is as delicious as it sounds [below]. 

top 10 things to do in krakow

9. Take a stroll through the Planty Park
Planty Park is a leafy path that encircles the Old Town. Make your way up to Wawel Hill where you can visit the medieval Wawel Castle. Keep your eyes peeled for the fire-breathing dragon. 

10. Search for some hidden treasures at Hala Targowa
The Sunday flea market Hala Targowa is the perfect place to find the ultimate souvenir to take home with you. The market is located just east of the Old Town. 

top ten things to do in krakow